Creative Art Director

“Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.”

William Bernbach

Jose Alberto

170 Media CEO | Creative Art Director

Graphic Styles


Creative Art Director | CEO

170 Media | Digital Media Consulting & Services

Graphic art services for advertising, digital marking, and social media. Offering consulting in branding strategies, digital advertisement, promotions, and all digital graphics types.


Printed works for all types of media. Experienced in the area of printed designs for promotional items, promotional booths (design and visual strategies), points of sale, packaging, posters, brands, billboards and all kinds of outdoor promotion.


Professional expert in visual psychology for graphic media focused on advertising.


I offer additional services such as web design, web development (HTML/CSS & WordPress), email marketing design, all adaptable to mobile sizes. I also work in digital photography and videography, editing, special effects, animations, 3D models, sound editing and narration.

Art Director | UX Specialist

Affordable Travel of Orlando “Orlando Vacation”

Responsible for graphic content for different marketing and digital promotion platforms. Development of pages and user experience for different websites. Management, control, and development of video and photographs for the platforms.


Development and design of emails. Web conversion for SEO purposes. In addition to HTML / CSS coding and basic PHP and WordPress management.


Design of graphics for digital promotion for websites, emails, and social networks. Also branding development and user experience designer.

Marketing and Communication Specialist

Trinity Prep School (Contract by Vaco Orlando)

Development multitaskings such as; making videos (record and edit), photographies, graphic arts, concepts, searching for printing quotes, create the final print product, create graphics contents for social media, digital marketing campaigns, advertising concepts and uploading contents for the website.

Senior Art Director

Paradigm Associates – Marketing & Advertising Agency

My duties consisted in supervise art directors, graphic designers, and production artist. Responsible for the timeline of all graphics, video productions, animations and visual contents for all marketing and advertising departments.


A developer of graphics content like User experience design for the web programming department. Responsible for organizing team workflow duties. Master trainer in Adobe Creative Suite programs. Manager of the photography studio and the official photographer of consumer products.

Additional Knowlage

Relative Skills
Product design
Industrial design
Microsoft Office
Booth design
Car wrapping deign
3D Studio Max
Sound editing
Social Media
Certificate and Capacitations
Certificate Professor of Graphic Design by Universidad del Turabo (Puerto Rico)


Bachelor Degree | Digital Arts
BA in Digital Graphic Design for Marketing and Advertising
Atlantic University College – Guaynabo, PR
2009 to 2013
Master | Graphic Arts
Master in Graphic Arts
Atlantic University College – Guaynabo, PR
2013 to 2014